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Submitted on
June 30, 2009
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I walked alone down the dark street
I was hoping there was no one to meet
I stopped as there were sounds coming
As they got closer, they were voices humming
They surrounded me and kidnapped me
I fell to the ground unconcious after a scream
I awoke with no knowledge of who I had been
Not knowing anything of what I had seen
I looked around as tried to sit up
but someone told me to drink from a cup
I took a sip and laid back down
And noticed not one of them had a frown
I sat up and looked at their dark robes
And noticed each of them had two black globes
Three of them began to remove my clothes
As the door out of the room began to close
I didn't resist to what was going on
As they pushed me into a metal gong
They chained my naked body to the giant plate
As inside of me grew a large anger and hate
I heard some unfamiliar words coming from them all
As their chant echoed through the large hall
They slid the orbs into slots in the wall behind
And I heard a woman's voice in my mind
"You have been chosen as a sacrifice
Your sins and pain were done in vice"
She stepped from behind the gong
As the people continued their song
She licked my neck and bit down hard
And I moaned before she grabbed a card
She placed it on the floor in front of me
And I saw a picture of the sea
I beast appeared and smelt my hair
And looked at one who seemed to care
A single woman stepped forward with a sword
But was stabbed in the back after a word
I awoke again in a palace of pure white
As the robes covered my height
I looked around and saw only walls
And a door that led to a hall
I ran and ran not knowing where
And again I saw the woman who cared
She led me to a garden with beautiful flowers
I looked at her as I felt a stong power
She grabbed my hand and kissed my cheek
And I fell to my knees feeling weak
She caught me and carried me from the room
As we re-entered the large tomb
I saw myself on the metal plate with her
As the people began to feed like curr
I watched in horror as they cleaned our bones
And drank our blood from cup like cones
I ran from the room with tears in my eyes
And a large man fell from the sky
"They will be punished for their sins."
He said as more people began to sing hymns
this poem was about nothing really

im just a little sad

babe please comment
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Ooh, creepy...nice job on it though :)
StarRacerEva Jun 30, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow this is pretty powerful if u ask me
it shows how opposite different religions are
StarRacerEva Jun 30, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah it sure does
StarRacerEva Jun 30, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
what so funny
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