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Chapter 1: Enter the Darkness

The worlds have moved again, the heartless are on the move, the nobodies haven't been seen for a while, and the original Keyblade wielders have passed away. There are new wielders to the Keyblade now, though they do not know it yet. They are about to recieve the ride of their life. As our story unfolds, they will go through many perels, face many opponents, pass many obstacles, and find new doors to uncover the secrets of the worlds beyond. These three best friends, having grown up together, are the decendents of Sora, Kairi, Riku and King Mickey.
"Haruda!" Motoko screamed as she punches her friend's back. "I told you I'm not buying you another new skateboard if you broke that one!"
"Come on, Motoko." Haruda cried in reply. "You're my best friend and I'd do the same for you."
"If you had money." she said, punching him again.
"Are you two fighting again?" Toshirou sighed, walking between them. "If you don't stop I'm going to lock you in the same room until you get along."
"Sorry, Toshirou." they said together, looking down.
It was an ordinary day for them, nothing to do once again. They had thought of everything but couldn't think of anything but arguing.
"Hey, guys, I just remembered." Haruda said, grabbing their wrists. "I found something cool in the back yard."
They followed him to the back yard, to the corner where the stone building sat. "We've looked for a way in thousands of times." Motoko groaned, her head hanging.
"I know." he sighed. "But I found out how to get in." He pulled a small pendant from his pocket. "I was going through Kairi's things when I found it."
The pendent was small and round, a spiraling pentagram with a red orb in the center. He slipped it into a small hole in the door, causing it to creak open. He smiled in acomplishment before going in, Motoko and Toshirou following behind closely.
"It's dark." Motoko whimpered.
"Don't be afraid." Toshirou whispered, grabbing her hand as Haruda pulled out a flashlight and turned it on. The door slid shut behind them, blocking their escape.
"Around this corner there's a room." Haruda said, already having explored. Once the three of them entered the room, the ceiling opened up. "That's new." Haruda said, looking up as he turned his flashlight off.
In the center of the room was a circle. In the circle was a picture. A boy with brown hair took up half of the circle as the other half was filled by smaller circles, showing faces of a boy with silver hair, a girl with brown hair, a duck, a dog, and a mouse. The picture began glowing as the figures climbed from their places, becoming whole and ghost-like.
"Kairi." Motoko said, looking at her with awe in his eyes. "And Sora."
"Riku." Haruda gasped, "He looks just like the pictures."
Toshirou began tearing up as a thin tail came out the top of his pants. "I heard I was related to royalty but I didn't know how." he said. "Mickey."
"The six warriors against the heartless." a boy's voice echoed. "Now deceased." he erupted from the shadows in a black cloak. "They have passed down their powers to you."
"Who are you?" Haruda said, ready for a fight.
"I'm just a nobody." he smiled as he pulled back his hood to reveal his blond hair. "My name is Roxas." he said, looking at them as a girl in a white dress joined him. "And this is Namine."
"What do you mean, "warriors against the heartless"? Who are we?" Motoko yelled, feeling something in her hand. She swung, not even knowing where it came from.
Roxas blocked with a weird weapon, "You've found your Keyblade." he said as he pulled out a second. "Shall we spar?"
Haruda and Toshirou looked at each other, somehow pulling their Keyblades out, theough they really had no clue how, and stood beside Motoko.
"Three on one?" he sighed. "That should be more fun." The ground began to glow as the figures disappeared and they were transported to another place. The circle had grown, becoming 4 times the size it had been in the stone building. Toshirou looked over the edge, sighing. "If we fall..."
"If you fall, you will return to the place I found you." Roxas cut him off. "Come at me." He stood, ready to fight.
Namine stood out of the way, drawing them in the room.
Motoko was the first to attack, slashing at Roxas. She lasted a few minutes before getting kicked off the edge.
Haruda was next, lasting twice as long, be meeting the same fate.
Toshirou was last, lasting longer than double the other two combined, having had time to study his attacks. He managed to kick Roxas off the edge before releasing his keyblade, it disappearing, throwing Namine on his back, and leaping off the edge. He landed on his feet, unlike the others, before letting Namine down, who quickly moved to hide behind Roxas.
"I see one of you will last a long while in the battles against the heartless." Roxas said. "But it is only a matter of time before they return to claim this place in the name of darkness again."
"Who are these two?" Haruda asked, pointing at the dog and the duck.
"Those are Goofy and Donald." Roxas sighed. "Did you ever hear tales of him slaying the darkness and saving the existance 4 times?"
"We thought those were made up stories." Haruda said, "Who in their right mind would believe that?"
Roxas smiled and disappeared with Namine, the glow on the floor and the images of the ones in the picture.
Haruda began walking as he saw something through another doorway at the far side of the room. "Guys!" he called as he wiped the dust away. "Could this be the Gummi Ship he always talked about in his stories?"
Motoko and Toshirou followed him as he opened the ship and climbed in.
"I have a bad feeling about this." Motoko said as she began walking backwards. She began looking around before seeing a very small book in the wall. Cautiously, she walked over to it, took it out, and began reading. "Jiminy's log." As she continued reading, she learned about Sora's travels with Donald and Goofy to the different worlds, going into Castle Oblivion to find his lost memories, returning to Castle Oblivion to defeat the nobodies and Organization XIII, and other adventures. She froze when she saw one of the pictures. "Roxas." she said, grabbing the attention of her friends. "He wasn't lying when he said He's a nobody. He's Sora's nobody."
"We'll keep it between us." Haruda said, confirming his friends' thoughts. "We'll check out the rooms that have been locked."
They ran inside, up the stairs, and to the first locked room. It had been unlocked. Inside, everything was pure white except the drawings on the wall. They told a story, Roxas's story.
"You found my room." Namine said from the corner. "When they married, they were going to make this room into a drawing room for children but then changed their minds, keeping it locked, keeping us in their memories."
"What about the other room?" Toshirou asked. "What's in there?"
She disappeared in a bright light, leaving a drawing book on the table. It had a very intrecate golden design drawn on it.
Motoko grabbed the drawing book, looking at the drawing as she followed Haruda and Toshirou to the other room.
It, too, was unlocked. There was a small table in the center of the room with an unfinished gold drawing on it. Beside the drawing was a gold crayon.
Motoko finished the drawing on the table, looking at the book, and ran back as the floor disappeared.
"You found the lab the same way I did." Roxas said from behind them.
Toshirou began walking down the stairs, Motoko behind him. Haruda just jumped down and turned to look at the doorway behind him.
"What do you think's down there." Motoko asked, looking down the stairs.
"Only one way to find out." Haruda said, beginning his descent.
Motoko and Toshirou were cautious as they followed him, ready to draw their keyblades at any second.
"The computer room." Roxas's voice echoed, though he was nowhere to be seen.
Toshirou sat at the computer, trying to hack into the mainframe. "You two go on." he smiled, "I'll catch up."
Haruda and Motoko walked into the next room, a room filled with empty pods.
Roxas stood in the corner, eyeing two specific pods. "These were the two pods I found Donald and Goofy in."
They walked past him, continuing to look.
In the final room, there was a large pod. Inside, they could barely see the outline of a person. Roxas appeared in front of them. "This was where I found Sora before he reawakened."
"You were born when Sora became a heartless." Motoko said, walking towards him. "But how is that possible?"
"Love." Roxas said, smiling. "The one girl whom he loved more than anything showed him that. She turned him back. I wasn't there so I don't know the details."
"He held on to the light even when surrounded by darkness." Haruda said. "It's so simple."
Toshirou ran into the room. "Guys, you'll never believe what I found."
"The place I lived after leaving the orginization." Roxas said, turning to face them. "There is one thing you must know. If the world is how I remember it, look for Hayner, Pence and Olette."
They nodded, turning to see Namine by the door. "One last thing." she smiled. "Just as Roxas is Sora's nobody, I am Kairi's. She was not taken over by darkness like others in the island. Her heart was pure. When darkness tried to take her, her heart hid behind Sora's."
"You were born with Roxas when Sora tried to free her heart." Haruda said. "It all makes sence."
"The two of us were different from the other nobodies." she continued. "We became whole again."
"Then how are you here?" Motoko asked.
"Their deaths brought our rebirth. We had to remain hidden or they would find us. It's time to save the worlds again." Namine said before her and Roxas disappeared.
"What was that?" Motoko said, drawing her floral Keyblade. She spun to see a few small black creatures with big yellow eyes. "Heartless!" she said, defending herself.
Haruda and Toshirou drew their keyblades as they began attacking, skillfully killing the heartless as they kept an eye on Motoko, not wanting her to get hurt.
As they fought, they were each transported to a different place. A platform in the middle of nowhere. They looked around, wondering if it was Roxas again.
"Well, well, well." an older man's voice laughed. "It seems there are new wielders of the keyblades."
"Who are you?" Haruda said as he took a fighting stance.
"I'm not your enemy." he said, removing his hood to reveal his red hair. "Name's Axel, got it memorized?"
"You're a nobody like Roxas, aren't you?" Motoko asked, stepping past Haruda, who had lowered his keyblade.
"You saw Roxas? Where?" Axel was hectic, looking around.
"He's not here." Toshirou sighed. "We talked with him and Namine."
Axel nodded before disappearing, leaving behind 3 pedestals. On each of them was a sword, a shield, and a wand.
"I call the sword!" Haruda said, running for it.
Motoko looked at Toshirou.
"Choose." he said, looking back and forth between the wand and the shield.
She nodded as she took the wand, leaving Toshirou the shield.
He took it, sighing.
"Fight." they heard Axel's voice as 3 silver creatures appeared from nowhere.
Haruda ran at the first, killing it in 5 hits.
Motoko was attacked by the next, but killed it in 7 hits,
Toshirou blocked the attacks from the third, killing it in 3 hits.
After they killed the creatures, Axel reappeared. "You'll do well in the war against darkness."
Haruda tackled him to the ground, still holding the sword.
Axel disappeared from under him, laughing. "You do know you can changes those into your keyblades." Axel pointed, "Follow the path. I'll meet you up there." They each looked as their new weapons changed to their keyblades.
Haruda looked at his friends before nodding and beginning to run up the path. He was slashing the heartless as soon as they appeared, leaving the ones that appeared after he passed for his friends.
Axel stood there, looking at a door. "There's the way back. The room you were in should be empty. Make your way to the beam." He disappeared.
Haruda ran to the door, Motoko and Toshirou on his heels, as he tried to open it, but it was locked. In the center of the door was a keyhole.
Motoko fell to her knees, getting a vision. "Sora." she whispered before standing again. "We have to unlock it." she said, pointing her keyblade at the keyhole. A white beam shot from her keyblade, unlocking the door. She fell back to her knees, unconcious.
Toshirou picked her up and carried her on his shoulder as he and Haruda walked through the door.
They appeared in the pod room again, where Roxas had found Sora.
"We should go lay her down." Haruda said. "We'll tell her what happened when she wakes up.
Toshirou nodded as they left the lab, heading back to the library. They soon reached her room, laying her down as they each took a seat in a chair.
Chapter 1 of Kingdom Hearts Generations.

Do NOT give me grief about Axel, there is a reason he's back. No, it is not because my best friend, ~flamingchakram:iconflamingchakram: is a GIANT Axel fan.

you will understand everything by the end of the chapter

will edit later

forgot: character pictures and descriptions

Hope you like it!
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